Electric Push Trailer Builders

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Just cruisin'

Stopping for a little league game.


Here's the standard battery configuration.


And the folding yoke for storage. 



Here's a completed trailer by Sig Adelmann of Castleton, NY. Says Sig, "it's a hoot!!!"

On the right is a unit without electric drive built by Gary Pechon of Ontario, Canada


A newly completed trailer by Terry Sewell (left) 

With modifications to allow  22 ah batteries.

Here's another recently completed  trailer by Robert Cyders of  Vancouver, WA . (right)


This time Robert  took it a step further with this high powered passenger version modified from our plans! (left & right)


Here's a recent unit that I build for Bill Pinkerton of Virginia

Bill opted for larger 12 amp batteries and a removable tow yoke.

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